august 2014 (and an excerpt on being busy)

Monday, August 4, 2014

avocados, especially on toast / black and white and birkenstocks / barcelona and france for christmas and new years eve/ my birthday.

and now...

busy: adjective. having a great deal to do. 

busy has been my word of the last two weeks. work every day, spend time with friends and family at every open moment. 

I leave for Norway in one week. 

why am I going to Norway?

to study outdoor play with preschool students. 

I will be gone, out of the United States, until January 1st.

it is very exciting because I am following my dreams! (which you should always do)
but it is making me nervous because I've never flown by myself (what!) and also I'm not going to see my family or best friends for four months. 
there's my internal conflict. 

anyway, I have been busy, in that I have been: 

 taking naps (and pictures) at Alki with my friends.

eating a lot at Oddfellows.

dancing with this little sunshine bear. (she got silly putty stuck in her hair last week and had to get a mini haircut… but she's still looking super darn cute)

spending time with this wonderful man.
(also we watched The Graduate for the first time ever)

so that's my busy-ness.

these photos are my deep breaths in the middle of all the crazy. 

eight days and counting down! 

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