norway, part one

Thursday, August 14, 2014

(there will probably be a lot of parts to this series, because I will be here until december 18th)

Norway is beautiful.

Here are some very simple things that I have learned: 

- the fruit in grocery stores is expensive, but you can go berry picking anywhere for free, so that's what I'm doing this weekend.

- there are lots of modern buildings and construction, but if you look down an alleyway, you will see the most beautifully painted old structures.

and, today I toured the barnehage where I will be working with the children.

it is completely outside, except for a tipi and a storage place for their coats and belongings.

there are reindeer pelts to sit on, as they eat breakfast around the fire.

they have coffee with the parents outside each morning, to help the students feel comfortable in the area.

they have a garden with raspberries and apple trees.

and their message is "hunt magical moments" for the children.

and so, my heart is feeling happy about this. there are magical moments that await.

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