Music: Coeur de Pirate

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coeur de Pirate, check her out here.

I've spent all week listening to her. In the morning when I wake up slowly. As I'm washing dishes. On a bench in the park. While I'm drawing flowers. Thank you to Kyle for introducing me to her charm. 
Piano, singing in French - she's beautiful. 

Catching My Eye: August

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy August / Last month of Summer! It's true. I'm ready for Autumn. Or, perhaps, ready to move to the city and experience a new life... which will come with the arrival of crisp air and school books. 
It's that time of year when I receive Boden and J.Crew catalogs boasting of new fall styles, making me ready to buy suede boots and wool hats. To top it off, it rained for the first time all Summer - a chilly rain, accompanied by wind rather than humidity. Fall is calling to me!
Although we haven't quite reached that apple cider time yet, some of my picks for this month are styles for the fall. Tunics - I'm loving tunics of all patterns and shapes. Paired with thick tights, boots, and a scarf... or, in our current weather, sandals and a cotton baseball cap (go Sox!). So until that time of orange leaves and red noses, I'll be enjoying the sunny weather that is headed our way next week!

1. Stripy Tunic / 2. Colorblock Wool Baseball Cap / 3. Black Boots / 4. Denim Shiftdress