norway, party three: røros

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"follow them,
as the moon follows the path of the stars."

- from the dhammapada, translated by thomas byron

and it's now been 11 days.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

it's so odd how quickly things can feel better, sometimes.

sleep will do that. hearing my dear emme's voice will do that. getting errands done, preparing for the week, will certainly do that. productivity in the form of enjoyment -- definitely.

I complained this morning about not having a farmers market,
and look what we found.

reindeer pelts. homemade cheeses. pancakes served straight from the griddle, with jam and creme. yin yang earrings.

time spent with jes & silje, the whole afternoon, getting things done so we could enjoy ourselves at dinner. eating away the evening with french fries and veggie burgers and so much ice water. coffee.

I still feel a separated - as my dad always says, it comes in waves.

but this moment is still. calm.

as I sit down with my book, I have this moment.

holding on to it. letting it fill me up.

this moment.

it's been ten days

I very much like the Solsiden area. 

today I will write about separation.

separation in the idea that, I feel separated from the world in which I have grown up for the past twenty years.

norway is very different from seattle.

the food is different: pancake mix is crepe mix, I have yet to find rainbow chard or a farmers market, and "brown cheese" is actually the excess caramel sweat that comes from making real cheese.

but although I find comfort in making food, that is not necessarily why I feel so separated.

seattle is nine hours different, time-wise. my family and friends are up when I am asleep, and I am going about my day while they are sleeping. there are brief times where I am able to talk with them. and at this point, I have begun to need those times, to talk to my family and friends as I get ready for school or get ready for bed.

it is week one, moving into week two, and they say it will get better.

and I will not pretend like there are not good things, because there are so many good things. this land is beautiful, the people are very gracious and kind.

but I do feel separated from what I call home, the people I call home, and I cannot go on without documenting this sweet feeling.


I know, I know all will be well.

I will read more, gain some feeling of sweet solitude, and experience nature here.
find some trees by the water.
and I will do it all without people from home, because they do not live here, in this far-away town.
and I can do it.

the very essence of rivers and roads.

"rivers 'till I reach you."

norway part two (a weekend!)

Monday, August 18, 2014

I always say "I have never been this busy." (but this time, it feels especially true…)

perhaps I am just learning that it is important for me to fill my time with action -
and so as I grow older, I find seemingly empty moments
and put into them: exploration, reading, sitting-up-straight breathing, frozen-yogurt-eating, talking, photographing, walking, busing, and then some sleeping.

and so this first weekend here was simply that:
a trip to the lake/forest, church service at the cathedral, discovering an expensive starbucks, and being served an incredible dinner with beautiful people.

it is monday night, & so it has begun. the preschool internship and school.

and so, on into the rain I march!

a happy week to you!

norway, part one

Thursday, August 14, 2014

(there will probably be a lot of parts to this series, because I will be here until december 18th)

Norway is beautiful.

Here are some very simple things that I have learned: 

- the fruit in grocery stores is expensive, but you can go berry picking anywhere for free, so that's what I'm doing this weekend.

- there are lots of modern buildings and construction, but if you look down an alleyway, you will see the most beautifully painted old structures.

and, today I toured the barnehage where I will be working with the children.

it is completely outside, except for a tipi and a storage place for their coats and belongings.

there are reindeer pelts to sit on, as they eat breakfast around the fire.

they have coffee with the parents outside each morning, to help the students feel comfortable in the area.

they have a garden with raspberries and apple trees.

and their message is "hunt magical moments" for the children.

and so, my heart is feeling happy about this. there are magical moments that await.

august 2014 (and an excerpt on being busy)

Monday, August 4, 2014

avocados, especially on toast / black and white and birkenstocks / barcelona and france for christmas and new years eve/ my birthday.

and now...

busy: adjective. having a great deal to do. 

busy has been my word of the last two weeks. work every day, spend time with friends and family at every open moment. 

I leave for Norway in one week. 

why am I going to Norway?

to study outdoor play with preschool students. 

I will be gone, out of the United States, until January 1st.

it is very exciting because I am following my dreams! (which you should always do)
but it is making me nervous because I've never flown by myself (what!) and also I'm not going to see my family or best friends for four months. 
there's my internal conflict. 

anyway, I have been busy, in that I have been: 

 taking naps (and pictures) at Alki with my friends.

eating a lot at Oddfellows.

dancing with this little sunshine bear. (she got silly putty stuck in her hair last week and had to get a mini haircut… but she's still looking super darn cute)

spending time with this wonderful man.
(also we watched The Graduate for the first time ever)

so that's my busy-ness.

these photos are my deep breaths in the middle of all the crazy. 

eight days and counting down!