Listening to: Dia Frampton - The Cave

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Autumns ago, wandering around Youtube, I fell into Dia Frampton's beautiful voice. I'm in love with all piano music, and Dia's voice pairs perfectly with its beauty.

I first fell for her cover of The Cave, seen here. And then her Skinny Love cover, to which I drove home every day.

And now it's Autumn again, and I'm falling for her voice once more.

& Then I Moved Into an Apartment

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The end of Summer has brought change. Change in location. Change in occupation. Change in clothes and hair and the list goes on. But I am here now. Here in my new apartment, which is really the size of a house, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. And a storage closet in which I have flung all my cardboard boxes. 

I've brought my yellow and white chair from home. Books with bindings that are art. An updated and in-the-process wardrobe. A gold mirror covered in makeup boxes and perfume bottles. A simple bed side table with reading material. Cozy, calming blankets. Basic, linen hand towels. More books that I've carried throughout my adolescence. Bathroom accessories. A photo of my father reading Harry Potter to me on the beach, while I eat the rest of the tortilla chips. And napkins from my mother's kitchen drawers. 

I am here. And I will be here. The change will continue. And I will welcome it. 

Catching My Eye: September

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How much more ready for autumn could I be? I've been staying inside drinking tea, packing for my move, and watching Pride and Prejudice - all while wrapped in sweaters and pajama pants. It's still seventy degrees outside, and today we had a thunder storm (something that's been happening more and more in Washington). I'm excited for orange leaves on the ground. I'm excited for a new apartment. I'm excited to start my new job. And I'm excited for fall fashion.

My picks for September are:
1. Marsha Swing Dress / 2. Bien Fait Sweatshirt / 3. Comtois Woodland Satchel / 4. Penfield Lucedale Puffy Vest

Happy Soon-To-Be-Autumn!