it's been ten days

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I very much like the Solsiden area. 

today I will write about separation.

separation in the idea that, I feel separated from the world in which I have grown up for the past twenty years.

norway is very different from seattle.

the food is different: pancake mix is crepe mix, I have yet to find rainbow chard or a farmers market, and "brown cheese" is actually the excess caramel sweat that comes from making real cheese.

but although I find comfort in making food, that is not necessarily why I feel so separated.

seattle is nine hours different, time-wise. my family and friends are up when I am asleep, and I am going about my day while they are sleeping. there are brief times where I am able to talk with them. and at this point, I have begun to need those times, to talk to my family and friends as I get ready for school or get ready for bed.

it is week one, moving into week two, and they say it will get better.

and I will not pretend like there are not good things, because there are so many good things. this land is beautiful, the people are very gracious and kind.

but I do feel separated from what I call home, the people I call home, and I cannot go on without documenting this sweet feeling.


I know, I know all will be well.

I will read more, gain some feeling of sweet solitude, and experience nature here.
find some trees by the water.
and I will do it all without people from home, because they do not live here, in this far-away town.
and I can do it.

the very essence of rivers and roads.

"rivers 'till I reach you."

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  1. I know how you feel. I recently went to Boston on my own. Not only was it my first time flying, it was my first time all on my own. I had never been outside Oregon or Washington before then.
    People ask me why I went; why I didn't go with someone. I don't have a straight answer. All I can tell them is that it was an experience.
    Sometimes you have to find out that you're strong on your own so you can be strong with others. So stay strong, and realize that you're not separated. The world is large, but we're all on it with you.