and it's now been 11 days.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

it's so odd how quickly things can feel better, sometimes.

sleep will do that. hearing my dear emme's voice will do that. getting errands done, preparing for the week, will certainly do that. productivity in the form of enjoyment -- definitely.

I complained this morning about not having a farmers market,
and look what we found.

reindeer pelts. homemade cheeses. pancakes served straight from the griddle, with jam and creme. yin yang earrings.

time spent with jes & silje, the whole afternoon, getting things done so we could enjoy ourselves at dinner. eating away the evening with french fries and veggie burgers and so much ice water. coffee.

I still feel a separated - as my dad always says, it comes in waves.

but this moment is still. calm.

as I sit down with my book, I have this moment.

holding on to it. letting it fill me up.

this moment.

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