cooking with kayla (and the beauty of this week)

Friday, July 25, 2014

my friend kayla has been an angel this week (she is always beautiful, but this week I especially needed her kindness).

we have gone on outside runs almost every day, and then have come back to her apartment to cook some delicious dinners.

here are some good things about cooking with kayla:

- she laughs, always

- she plays good music (landon pigg, yes please)

- she always offers me tea or water before we start cooking

- she knows how to cook, and can thus cook me things (and teach me about food!)

- she always offers me more food before serving herself more (she is so kind, I tell you)

- she bakes a dessert with dinner because… well, dessert.

and so a great thanks goes out to her for encouraging me to exercise and eat well, especially during this crazy week.

1 comment:

  1. friends you can share food with are the BEST of friends. especially the ones that share good food you feel good about. i truly believe that! So glad you got that kind of comfort and encouragement this week. xo