another weekend

Monday, July 14, 2014

three photos that help explain the immense joy that I found this weekend.

a thunder-storm sunset over the olympics; sitting with em on the water, teaching her about lightning and listening to her name the colors in the sky / hydrangea bushes at my aunt's home / spending the early afternoon at the park with emme bear. 

and unpictured:

taking mid-day naps in front of fans that cool me off / sleeping in a different place each night, and sleeping so well / hiking to the top of tongue mountain to, climbing up rocks, and spinning around to see mt. st. helens, mt. rainier, and mt. adams all in one vicinity / eating french fries with ketchup, because of course / dropping my parents off at the airport and hugging them so tight / being loved and showing love.


  1. sounds like you had a lovely weekend! that thunderstorm sunset is one gorgeous sight! wow!!!

    1. isn't it crazy, Julia!? and we barely ever get thunderstorms in seattle… so it was a unique thing of beauty! xxo