my roommates

Saturday, June 14, 2014

today marks the day that I am the only remaining roommate in the apartment. it is saddening because I will miss these girls, because I will miss teasing their TV shows but secretly loving them, because I will miss making four meals at once in the kitchen, because I will miss saying "let's walk to…" and walking to a mystery location in Seattle. I will miss them. 

c: you've been such a rock for me, listening to my fears and throwing back my sass. I appreciate all that you do; every time I needed to go somewhere, you had no qualms with coming with me. in fact, you would readily volunteer to go to the grocery store, even if you had a harry potter scar drawn on your forehead. your self-confidence is a beautiful characteristic that I wish I could bottle. thank you for being you.

em: there is a goodness in you that radiates out. I will remember you asking: am I doing the right thing? what is the right thing to do in this situation? and you extend that curiosity into a drive to make humans feel good. generosity: your word. thank you for understanding all that it takes to get through tough times, and working through them with me. always.

l-dog: you've got some determination, some excitement, some dedication in finding your place in this world. you never stop working, organizing, analyzing how things are - this is something I greatly admire. "hard-worker" doesn't begin to describe the effort you put into every day tasks. and you laugh, you laugh at my punny jokes, even if they don't make much sense. this is something I appreciate. you are someone I appreciate.

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