be love

Monday, June 9, 2014

every week at camp I've seen this, and now I've taken a photo. 

be love during something as simple as a movie. be the one that puts your arm around another, or touches a hand lightly.

be love as you look up into the trees, as the clouds block the stars, and you breath. you are love when you are in nature.

be love because it's one in the morning and music is good, but a phone call is better, as you navigate your way through the long road home.

be love as you sit with an instrument, with a guitar, with a piano. listen. listen to each chord, each note, listen to the fingers as they brush against the notes.

be love as you hold onto someone else, anyone else.

be love as you hear a song, a song that makes your stomach jump, makes you close your eyes, makes your hands shake. as you put your hands over your face and will yourself to sob, but no tears come. accept that as the love you are becoming.

be love as you're driving behind someone slowly. walking behind someone that is slowing you down. they are helping you slow down. take that opportunity to breath.

be love as a child keeps talking, and all you want to do is talk over them - resist that urge. let them practice language.

be love as you do what you need to do; love will show you what you need.

be love, simply because you need to be. because you can love the world, but it is not the same as letting that love become you.

to be love, each day.

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