the essentials: fresh garden peas

Monday, May 5, 2014

and strawberries are pretty good, too. my parents could never successfully grow more than two, though. 

am I suddenly writing a lot about food? recently, I've had so many desires to eat fresh foods. lots of vegetables and fruits. lots of lemonade, especially. it always gets that way when summer approaches, when it's warm enough to eat cold food and carry around iced tea.

and so with that, I've been eating so many snap peas. I've been carrying them around to volunteering and classes and just out on the street. they're crunchy and snappy - just like chips, except they're healthy and sweet.

and especially, they remind me of my parents' garden.

each year, when school came to an end, we would have endless pea plants growing up our fence. I would sit on the sidewalk, scribbling with chalk, and every once in a while, steal a pea from the plant as my mid-drawing snack. and when emme was old enough to eat solid foods, I picked her up and convinced her to try a pea from the garden. she would pound on the front, glass door, pointing outside and saying, "mmmm," wanting to run outside and pick peas from the garden.

and so these snap peas have followed me to seattle, and I've re-embraced them as the most perfect snack. if only I had a garden to grow them in, seeing as I go through my grocery-store supply way too quickly.

but there you have it: snap peas. they are essential.

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