and it's just a box of rain

Sunday, May 4, 2014

the sun passed us quickly. after a week of almost ninety degree weather, this weekend was rain, and that was okay.

(because let me just pause for a moment to explain to you how absolutely perfect my job is)
I work at an outdoor camp on weekends, and often it rains (it's the pacific northwest). but seeing a kid's face as they run to play ball in the mud or climb up ropes or even come into the arts&crafts garage to warm up and make a friendship bracelet - it's so sweet. it is sweet to see children and their parents playing together outside, exploring. even when it rains. 

so anyway, I'm setting the scene. I sit here with "american beauty" playing as my night's soundtrack, after having an exhausting weekend of painting faces and dancing in the rain and eating lots of junk food.

today, on the drive home from camp, I had one of those moments.

one of the moments where Sam tells Frodo that there's some light left in the sky, a little bit of blue in the otherwise dark sky, and maybe there's some light left in the shire, some shire sky.

these are my favorite skies. that speck of blue is always there.

and you don't really realize that unless you spend more time outside. inside, you're in this stationary position, maybe staring out the window, or glancing every once in a while. and you see the grey and don't want to go outside, or you see the sun and long to go outside.

but unless you're outside in the grey and the black and the rain and the hail, you won't see that tiny pocket of blue sky. or you won't appreciate it as much - knowing that you fought for that blue sky is a satisfying feeling.

no metaphors. no analogies.

just acknowledging that feeling.

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