that seattle rain.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

while the east and south and basically everywhere but the northwest get pelted with snow and ice and basically every type of weather, us Seattleites are experiencing what we are known for: rain. 
and lots of it. pouring down. hard.

I had the absolute pleasure of spending our surprisingly not rainy president's day with two exchange students are Norway, who were beautiful people. we adventured through Fremont and talked about our worlds. they had rain coats (so good) with hoods (even better) and so we were pretty prepared in case the rainy clouds moved in.

and so if you ever visit seattle, there are three things you will want:
rain boots. I've got a pair of le chameau rain boots that I've worn almost every day since I bought them (minus two months of summer). get a sturdy pair that can last you a while and that matches with everything.
a jacket that is waterproof and windproof and soft on the inside (but not too much fur): when you're walking or running for a bus, a warm jacket will make you overheat. Seattle's not too cold, but it is so wet. so get a flannel-lined rain coat and you'll bet set.  
a relaxed, "I can handle this weather" attitude. take your earbuds out and listen to the rain hitting the puddles. plop. put on those rain boots and embrace muddy sidewalks. take a photo of a rain drop sliding off a tree's leaf.

good luck & stay dry.

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