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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(a pink smoothie just in time for february 14th)

last year, I was having health issues, and was diagnosed with ibs. But I thought little of it, did little to work on it, and basically let it settle out when summer rolled around and my anxiety lessoned.

then college came back this year and my stomach reared its head again. I spent evenings on the floor crying. and I lost ten pounds.

no, it wasn't good. I was weak and tired. 

everything I ate, with the exception of greek yogurt, peppermint luna bars, and whirley-pop popcorn, made my stomach ache. 

it all sounds terrible and it was but it got better.

after rounds of doctor's visits and blood tests and advice on food choices, I decided to try smoothies. 

they've helped an incredible amount, to where I can get protein from greek yogurt, fiber from fruit, and sugar from the juice to keep my blood sugar up. 

so I drink at least one smoothie a day. usually I make one for lunch, then put the leftover mix in the fridge and have it later for a late-night snack before I go to sleep. 

this particular smoothie pictured has:
a sprinkle of blueberries
a handful of raspberries
orange/mango juice
a tablespoon or so of flax seed
a cup of blackberry chobani yogurt 

I can't pretend to be the healthiest person because sometimes I will go to the store, buy a pizza, and eat three fourths of it for lunch. 

but some days it's about getting at least some food in me to get to healthy weight. and to have energy for those busy days. and really, fruit smoothies with natural sugar are a big part of it. 

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