blue c sushi

Sunday, February 2, 2014

ab invited me for a little sushi dinner to celebrate finishing midterms. 
I have not always been a fan of sushi (raw fish, and I'm paranoid about getting sick from raw meats), but c told me they had chicken teriyaki and em told me they have cooked sushi (who knew) so I was definitely down. 

Well it was so cool. The little conveyer belt went by us with different colored plates holding different types of meals, including chocolate covered cream puffs. I had ab snatch me the chicken katsu, and I ordered a vegetable egg roll (okay, none of those are technically sushi, but they were really good). ab, amelia, and courtney split a variety of sushi plates, including something with octopus and something that resembled a grapefruit. 

it was quite fun and the sushi was beautiful and fun to look at. 

to a good night! 


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