five things my father has taught me

Friday, April 11, 2014

happy friday, my friends. this week has been filled with endless school work and whenever I catch my breath I am self-reflecting. on today's ferry ride, in between research paper paragraphs, I took a breath and thought. I thought about how I've been changing to be more similar to my father in some ways. and thus was born the following: 

five things my father has taught me

1. walk when you can, for as far as you can.
    walk outside. a walk will make you feel better. a walk will clear your head. don't let the rain stop you.

2. be patient with everyone, even if you are frustrated. 
    in my young adolescence, my father was so patient that he talked with and comforted one of my old friends, when I refused to see that friend. at the time, I was so angry with my father, but he was so right. be patient with emotions and feelings and actions. of your own emotions, of others' emotions. things will work out. 
            (this one I’m still trying to learn)

3. being outside heals the inside.
    when I was a child and screaming my head off, my father would pick me up and take me outside and sit with me in the garden until I stopped crying. and then I would go back inside. lately, I have been finding such comfort in the natural world.  

4. “be nice to your nails”
     – a.k.a don’t self destruct in the face of anxiety. and I have stopped biting my nails (they're currently a brilliant, spring red).

5. continue to make jokes even if no one gets your sense of humor.  
    laughing at yourself, even if no one else is laughing, is still fun.

always reflecting. always changing. 

thanks, dad. 

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