hotel song

Friday, March 28, 2014

at the beginning of the year, c and emily played a wonderful song late at night in our living room. I sat with my body curled up on the yellow chair, secretly filming them and secretly wanting them to never stop playing. listening to a guitar being played late at night is something that I will always want.

and so this week I finally realized what that song was, hotel song, by regina spektor. and although it is not acoustic guitar like the first version I heard in my apartment, it is still wonderful.

here is the secret video of my roommates, and I apologize for the terrible cell phone quality. but it still holds something beautiful to me.


  1. I guess my browser is blocking the video for some reason, but I can only imagine the magical-ness of the moment. Hotel Song, or Regina Spektor in general, is one of my favourites. But I've never heard the a capella version, thanks for sharing!!

  2. What a lovely memory for you to hold close to you