the end of winter quarter

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the end of winter quarter means the arrival of spring... and my last quarter in my undergraduate  student career!

let this blog post serve to make a few points... and questions:

  • I've grown tired of this blog and all that it holds; it was great and wonderful for college, but when I graduate I will be starting anew, and therefore will probably start a new blog... on a different domain... with a new name. what blog sites do you guys use? any recommendations? 

  • come august, I'll be in need of a job. badly. I have my degree in child development (prenatal to age 8), so if anyone knows of any preschool or nannying jobs in the continental USA (specifically the south or southwest!), please let me know. I promise I'm qualified and I'd be so grateful. 

  • I finally completed a new years resolution and took yoga classes! and now I'm trying to practice every day. so this is a little bragging point for me, but I am very happy with myself and the energy that I try to hold. 

  • I'm back into art! I'm just finishing up a pottery class right now, and I'm taking painting next quarter. it's great. do art. and especially, do art with kids!!!

that's really all! but if you answer any of these questions, I would be so happy. 

thank you, thank you in advance!


  1. I really love Wordpress. When I started my new blog, I stayed with Wordpress, but I also needed to start anew and it feels so good. It has a great "reader" format where you can easily read the blogs you follow.

    And did you take a yoga class or do it on your own? I really need to take it up again!

    1. oooh okay good! I will have to take a look at it :) thank you!

      Mmm first I took a class, a yin yoga class so I was holding poses and it was easier than moving quickly through the poses (that I don't really know!). but now I do it at home on my own, now that I know some of the poses from classes! :)