things I am grateful for, part I

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1. taking the time to make good food -- healthy food, all things nourishing & natural, full of life. good.

2. the feeling of having long hair -- when I stand up and stretch my neck back, and the strands of hair from my ponytail reach down my back.

3. graveyards in autumn. with the leaves that have fallen on the gravel paths that weave between gravestones. there's something special about quiet graveyards in the fall.

4. children that want to sit on your lap or play soccer with you or have your help searching for acorns.

5. prayer and hope and calm energy that I've never quite managed to establish until now. here's to continuing this path, so that it stays with me.

and on into autumn, may it be beautiful.


  1. yes, yes, YES to all of these.
    this is such a perfect list- especially number three! :)

  2. gorgeous writing and thoughts. just beautiful!