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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sometimes you need to. Sometimes you have to work a lot and read a lot and go to class a lot, and sometimes there's not time to make a new blog header or think of something witty to write. These last couple months have been a whirlwind of activity. They have been filled with beautiful days, but they have been busy.

In October, we celebrated Kyle's 21st birthday! He spent the evening roaming the town with his friends, and came back home with fish and chips that I gladly devoured. Pike Street Fish Fry, you're our favorite. In the morning, I woke him up with a chocolate cake, with two big candles (for the tens) and one little candle (for the 1). We carried our sleepy selves to Oddfellows and gorged ourselves on scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits, potatoes, and beignets. Best restaurant in this beautiful city. To the best boyfriend in this beautiful world, happy belated birthday!
What else did we do in October? We carved pumpkins at Laken's fabulous home and watched The Voice. We went all around Seattle looking for an old boy scout shirt and a raccoon hat so that Kyle could be Sam from Moonrise Kingdom. I was an employee at work for Halloween, who got to hand out candy to children trick-or-treating in the shopping complex. Seeing children in dragon costumes is adorable.
That was October.

And now it's November! The first week of November has brought lots of changes. I spent the first week battling health problems, and spent a night in urgent care (to which I am no stranger). Kyle has spent the whole time with me, making me feel better, and reading People magazine to me in an old english accent.
But now we're getting into the swing of things. I am trying to go gluten free (and let me tell you, those gluten free items are certainly not free... they're a pretty penny). It's hard, because garlic bread is one of my favorite foods. And pasta? I basically live on cheesy, baked penne. So it's a challenge, trying to change my diet. But hopefully the stomach aches will soon end. In the meantime, I've got a mountain of gluten-free mac and cheese in my cupboard.

So that has been the last two months.
What's in the future? Lots of projects for school, plus more hours at work because... it's Holiday time! Our store is decked out in Christmas trees and animal ornaments. Who doesn't love an otter with a fishing pole ornament? Very Olivia.

Happy Almost-The-Holidays!

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